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    Here we list our site stats and how many people we’ve helped find a job and companies have found recruits. It's a pretty awesome stats area!

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    What other people thought about the service provided by Backpacker Jobs

    Excellent service offering a personal touch, if I had an issue they were no longer than a email away and were always quick to respond.

    Backpacker Jobs offer an amazing service and I couldn’t be happier! They are dedicated to helping recruiters find great candidates, wonderful service!

    If I didn’t find I’m pretty sure i’d be no where, they helped me find a job in less than 2 days and the job is amazing,  awesome platform!

    Wow just Wow! Backpacker Jobs is an excellent service that offers great features that makes it easy to find a job tailored for you, i’d use them again!

    Without Backpacker Jobs i’d be sleeping on the street, they found me a job and got me sorted out quickly with everything! Can’t quite believe the service level that they offer!

    I’m incredibly pleased with Backpacker Jobs service. They offer quality candidates & super quick support, they have turned me into a big fan.

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    The Backpacker Jobs organization has teamed up with some of the biggest corporation in the travel and working holiday industry existing today.

    The Backpacker Jobs platform syndicates and curates listings to suit your specific search. With it's unique algorithm the platform can target and generate jobs relevant to your qualifications and the employers expectations.

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    Some of the companies we've helped recruit excellent applicants over the years.

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    Backpacker Jobs : 5 Tips For Finding Work

    Here’s some useful tips we’ve collated to help in your quest to find a backpacker job when on a working holiday in Australia, Canada, England, USA or wherever in the world you may be.   5. Research Before Your Arrive   Before arriving in a foreign country it is always imperative to do your research,

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    backpacker jobs australia

    Australia Day – Straya National Anthem

    Your Australian Backpacker Jobs Anthem Australia Day has been and gone but while this anthem put together by you tuber coachbombaymusic live to fight another year of festivities. It’s a far cry from men at work land down under but maybe just maybe their might be anthem for everyone doing a backpacker job down under.

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    popular backpacker jobs

    4 Popular Backpacker Jobs

    Nanny Au Pair   Working as an Au Pair, Nanny or Babysitter is a great way to travel the world and work. Most Au Pair positions include accommodation and food so it’s a great way to save money for your travels or the next destination. You will also get to do a lot of relaxing

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    Find Backpacker Jobs Across the Globe

    Unsure if you will have enough funds to last throughout your trip. Backpacker jobs are a great way to fund a working holiday. This site has been created for all you travellers out there to find safe backpacker jobs all over the world, Australia, Canada, England, New Zealand and the United States.

    Each country have different working holiday visa regulations and some countries such as Australia and Canada even permit obtaining a second working holiday visa if your backpacker job is fruit picking or specified work in a rural area.

    Typical backpacker jobs include, farm work, bar jobs, au pair, nanny, hospitality, fruit pickers, admin workers, labourers, clinical trials and temporary staffing. Working hours can vary from country to country, where you may only be permitted to work a certain amount of time with any given employer.

    Farm work more commonly refereed to as fruit picking or harvest work is a very popular seasonal job amongst backpackers. Working holiday makers in Australia on the 417 visa are entitled to stay in the country another year if they complete 88 days of specified work in a regional area. (Must be on the postcode list) This is a great way to get a feel for the country, especially if your living in a rural surrounding.

    Bar jobs are very popular in tourist towns such as Whistler in Canada or Byron Bay in Australia. This is a very fun backpacker job and your skills are easily transferable from back home. Remember to ensure you have the appropriate responsible service of alcohol accreditation.

    Labourers and construction jobs can be very well paid and involve long hours which is great if your trying to save money for the next step in your adventure. They may also require some experience from back home.

    Temporary and admin work is also very well paid due to the short nature of contracts which means it is very suitable for backpackers and working holiday makers.

    Hospitality positions such as waiting, kitchen hands, chefs are a very common backpacker . Tourist towns depend on backpackers for this staff base while there is also opportunities in big cities to find this type of work.

    If you fancy rolling the dice undertaking clinical trials is a favorite way for working holiday makers around the world to earn quick money to fund their travelling. 
Trials can last from 1 to 30 days depending and the best thing is payment is typically made at the end of the trial.

    Wwoofing jobs are also a very popular way to keep travelling. Wwoofer jobs for backpackers are unpaid. You will only have to work limited hours in order to obtain your board and basic meals at the residence.

    As you can see there are many backpacker jobs one can undertake to fund their travels abroad. With useful search function you can easily scan through our site to see which positions tickle your fancy.